You make the memories. We make the photographs.

End of the Year Letter | Personal Family Photos

Dec 29, 2017

Well, here we are. 2017 is at a close, and my has it been quite the year. We began the year by discovering that our sweet second little baby was on the way....

A+L Cousins | Christmas Mini Session

Dec 21, 2017

This year has been a very special one for our family. As you know, we welcomed sweet baby D in September. But what you may not know is that two months prior my sil and her husband had their own sweet baby C. Because of the exact timing of their births these two sweet cousins will share every first holiday, which I think is kind of cool and makes each one super special.

O/F Family | Christmas Mini Session

Dec 08, 2017

You may remember this sweet family from a couple months ago when I did their maternity photos! I was so excited that they decided to have a Christmas mini session again this year because it meant I finally got to meet sweet Baby F!

S Family |Christmas Mini Session

Dec 01, 2017

As many of you know a few weekends ago I hosted some Christmas mini sessions, As a result I got to photograph these precious brothers. I've photogrpahed big brother E a few times before but this was my frst time having little M out for a session too. We had a lot of fun exploring the park...

L | Three Years Old

Nov 17, 2017

Yall, November is a super special month for me, it marks the birth of my oldest baby and the begining of this joyous journey called motherhood! This year we are celebrating his THIRD birthday. I can hardly believe how grown he is. He loves reading books...

T+J | Wedding | April 8, 2017

Oct 27, 2017

A little bit vintage, a little bit country and a little bit hippie, Tim and Jessie's wedding was absolutely gorgeous. (But maybe I'm biased as it's my brother and sister-in-law we're talking about here)

Baby D | One Month Old

Oct 13, 2017

It's a little hard to believe that over a whole month has passed since this precious little baby joined our family! After much joking that he would decide to come on labor day, the little stinker actually did it! He was over two weeks early and we were all so surprised! Since then we have been very much in the baby fog whil adjusting to our new normal.

Farewell Summer | L Lifestyle Shoot

Oct 06, 2017

It may be October, but here in Alabama summer is still trying to hang on, which means we're still trying to find ways to beat the heat. So while you're hiding inside waiting for the temperature to cool down to a more manageble level, I wanted to take a minute and share some thoughts with you...

J Swimsuit | Product Shoot | July 2017

Sep 01, 2017

Something yall might not know about me is that I am blessed to have a husband who is also a creative! Since long before I met him, Jason has enjoyed sewing, which is something I dabble in but he is much more proficient, lol. A few years ago he decided to take a plunge into making custom swimsuits.

T+J | Engagements

Aug 25, 2017

Last fall I had the pleasure of shooting Tim and Jessie's engagement photos. The woods at my parent's house were in their full fall glory so we had some goregous yellow trees surrounding us for the shoot.