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A 4 Months | Backyard Session | March 7, 2020

Apr 06, 2020

A month ago, you know back when our biggest worry was the never ending rain, I took advantage of a random sunny and dry day to take Baby A's four month photos! I would be another week before he turned four months officially, and now as I'm writing this he's nearly five months and has already changed so much! Babies tend to do that after all lol. Three or four month sessions are one of my favorite milestone sessions to do. They're still very much babies at this stage, but their personalities are starting to shine through. With Baby A's session I had four specific goals: I wanted to try out a "baby flatlay" which obviously had to be Harry Potter themed, I wanted to try out the lacy peek a boo photos I've seen in some photography groups I'm in on facebook, I wanted a good straight on smiling photo to hang on the wall next to photos of his brothers at the same age, and finally I wanted to use his special "uncle Jason blanket." And let me just say, I'm over the moon with the results of this session. One last thing on that last little goal I had, each of the boys has a blanket that their uncle has made them. L's is his special lovey which was dubbed his "snuggly" and this name has been passed to D and A's blankets as well. I have lots of phone shots of the boys with their blankets, but since the main photo I wanted to be sure I got out of this session would just be A laying on a blanket anyways I realized it was the perfect time to use his special blanket! (His is also my absolute favorite color wise lol)

Posted in Lifestyle on Apr 06, 2020