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Feb 27, 2019

Today I'm taking a step out from behind the camera a bit (haha or not really at all actually) to share some of my favorite behind the scenes photos from the last year or so! I also thought I'd take this oppurtunity to share a couple favorites Emily took of me in Charleston and let yall get to know me a little better. To help me not stray into telling you the same things I say on every intro post on Instagram ever, I'm going to specifically share five personal facts and five professional facts about myself.

So first, the basics. If you're reading this you probably already know I'm Tiffany Linden, a wedding and lifestyle photographer in Alabama. My husband and I have two absolutely precious boys (who make appearances in my work often.) When I'm not busy photographing, I stay at home with them. You can follow some of our day to day lives in my Instagram stories.

Now that that's behind us, here are your ten fun facts about Tiffany:


  1. I adore coffee. Not so odd for a photographer, but what is odd is that I can only actually drink decaf. I discovered a few years ago that caffeine ups my anxiety so I switched to decaf and never looked back.
  2. Up until a few months ago the absolute nerdiest thing I had done was cosplaying at DragonCon. But then my husband introduced me to the Critical Role podcast and now I usually listen to a bunch of voice actors playing Dungeons and Dragons while I work.
  3. I love a good story. Usually I word this one as I love to read, and that's still very true. But I also love a good movie or tv show. Fantasy and historical dramas have long been my favorites, but as long as it's not horror I'm not super picky.
  4. I got married pretty young for most people. I was 19 and in my sophomore year of college. I wouldn't change it for the world.
  5. I once dyed my hair hot pink. Well actually twice but the second time was just the ends. I mean the whole head of hair was bright pink. My mom helped me (yeah yeah I know box dye is bad) the day after I walked in my highschool graduation. I kept it that way until about halfway through my first semester of college when I decided I was tired of worrying about my roots showing. I still debate going back to it on a monthly basis.


  1. I'm a shortie. Okay I realize this sounds like it should belong in the personal section, but when you see how I'm often standing on something at weddings you'll get it. I actually one hundred percent bought a step ladder specifically for taking to weddings.
  2. I adore detail shots. Don't get me wrong, I basically adore the whole wedding day, but there's something about a good detail shot that just gives me all the heart-eye feels.
  3. Last year was an interesting year wedding wise. I started out the year with the absolute coldest wedding I've ever been too, and ended it with a wedding in the pouring rain. Both days were still gorgeous and amazing tho! (And I'm still dreaming of a wedding in snow since the weather refuses to give it to me.)
  4. Aside from weddings and couple photos my favorite photo sessions are usually the ones with little kids. Maybe it's cause my kids are still little so it feels like familiar territory. Maybe it's cause kids are hilarious and you never know what you're going to get. Basically sessions with kids are always exciting and different and I love that.
  5. Something I've never gotten a chance to photograph that I'd really love to is in-hospital newborn photos. I mean I've taken some photographs of my own babies, but I would absolutely love to do a full session with baby and parents and siblings and everything. (So ya know, if you're having a baby this year hit me up, lol.)

Most photos in this post are courtsey of Emily Rose Photography

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