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Awaiting Baby A | St Pete Beach | September 3, 2019

Oct 13, 2019

Last month we took a blissfully amazing and relaxing family vacation with my in-laws to St. Pete Beach near Tampa. One of the things I really wanted to do while we were down there was take some beach family and maternity photos. We've made sure to take maternity photos with each of the older boys, so of course our sweet little number three needed some maternity photos of his own. When I counted out weeks and realized how far along Baby 3 and I would be, I knew we had to get at least a few shots at the beach. It was a bit ambitious, taking our own family photos is always an adventure and I certainly didn't trust a tripod in the sand and wind. Thankfully we were able to rope Jason's sister into manning the camera for us. The night we picked to do photos was SO windy. And of course the wind and the light were in conflicting directions so to get good light, my face was full of hair. We made it work tho and had a great time playing in the sand and surf. My sil and I switched back and forth on the camera based on whether I was in the photo or not. Between us we got some really amazing photos. My personal favorites are of me with my sweet soon to be middle baby. They remind me so much of the special photos we took of me with my oldest right before he became a big brother. In fact the shot of D's sandy feet hanging around my belly we specifically took because I have a matching photo from my last maternity session. After playing around with the boys for a while we let them run back off to see Nonna and sil and I finished up with some solo photos of me and Baby 3, I even got into the water for some! It was super fun to get to do something different for our photos this year and I'm looking forward to next year when we'll have a family of five.

Posted in Lifestyle on Oct 13, 2019