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Charleston | Tea Plantation and Angel Oak | January 26, 2019

Feb 06, 2019

A couple weekends ago I got to go on an amazing girls trip to Charleston, SC with some of my best friends. These ladies are all amazing and it was so great to spend the weekend hanging out and exploring Charleston with them. While we only had a biref time away, we squeezed in lots of adventures, late night converstaions, yummy food and tons of photos.

On our one full day in Charleston, we actually left the city proper for a bit to tour the Charleston Tea Plantation. We got to taste lots of yummy tea and see were they grow and process the tea. I was also shocked to discover that all tea (green, black and oolong) come from the same plant! Literally had no idea y'all. After the tea plantation we stopped by the Angel Oak Tree, which is the oldest live oak in the country. We marveled at it and took some quick photos before setting off for a yummy lunch.

I should probably explain the plethora of hand-under-chin photos you'll see in our photos from this weekend... This happens to be an actual little posing technique my friend Emily and I both use. Well, I also at some point picked up (I think from Emily) using it as kind of a "looks innocent" pose. So the first night we're in Charleston I'm facetiming my family, and I do this little pose after my husband teases me about soemthing (I don't remember what). He calls me on it and we laugh a little about it. Later on, it comes up when Lauren asked us for posing tricks (since Emily and I both had our cameras out all weekend). Somehow from that conversation the hand-under-chin pose became the running joke of the weekend and we did it a ridiculous amount of time. Most of the instances were in our phone selfies, but you'll notice some here and in other post from the trip.

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