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C+J | Wedding | December 8, 2018

Feb 01, 2019

Long long ago, in a university not so far away, I knew two people named Chloe and Jordon. They were both super awesome and sweet people. Even then I had a feeling that they would make an awesome couple. At some point over the course of knowing them I was delighted to discover that they had in fact started dating. Although I wasn't super close to them during this time, through the magic of social media I was able to cheer them on from the sidelines. After watching their relationship grow and blossom over the years, I was so very excited to learn that they'd gotten engaged! When they asked me to photograph their wedding I was beyond honored and eagarly looked forward to celebrating their big day.

Leading up to their wedding day, every time we met turned into amazingly wonderful long conversations about everything from their wedding day details, to the lastest comic book movie, to topics so random I can't even remember them now. If you don't know me, I'm a super big nerd and having a couple that was as well, and encorporating it so thoruoghly in their wedding was beyond perfect.

The day of Chloe and Jordon's wedding was cold and wet. And while rain may be good luck on the wedding day, it certainly makes the photos a touch difficult. Still, their day was filled with beautiful moments and perfect little details. Chloe slipped in lots of Disney references specifically. Her engagement ring is actually Belle's rose, so it only makes sense. Chloe was absolutely a princess in her own right this day, and she glowed despite the chill and rain. Their wedding reception included a lightsaber duel after their first dance. This would have been my favorite moment if it hadn't been for their "Second dance." During her toast, Maid of Honor Mandy mentioned Beauty and the Beast and her shared love of the movie with Chloe. The DJ knew at that moment exactly what song needed to follow up the toasts. As Chloe and Jordon dances to Tale as Old as Time, it was hard to hold the tears at bay.

Chloe and Jordon exited their wedding under an arch of lightsabers, the perfect send off for this precious nerdy couple.


Venue: Starwood II Farm

Hair: Rin Tucker

DJ: Elevated Entertainment

Dress: Purchased at David's Bridal and Altered by Big Silver Thread

Cake: Walmart Bakery

Florist: Florals were all made by Chloe (and are actually fake!)

Also a super duper special shout out to my second photographer, Emily Wolfe, who had my back through the rain and cold and technial issues.

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