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Elopement Styled Shoot | Moss Rock Preserve | August 4, 2019

Sep 13, 2019

As a wedding photographer, I of course love weddings. But weddings aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay! Some couples prefer to get married in a more private setting, either just the two of them or perhaps with a few select loved ones. Having been a bride once myself, I certainly understand the allure of an elopement, and if that’s the decision that’s best for you and your future spouse then go for it! But as a photographer, I just want to remind you that eloping doesn’t mean you have to give up having gorgeous photographs to commemorate your big day. In fact, elopement photos can offer you opportunities that a normal wedding day wouldn’t, especially as far as locations go.

Early last month I put together a little styled elopement shoot with the help of some awesome models. I’d been planning this for a while, it just took me a bit to finally find a dress that worked well. So when I finally came across this wonderfully flowy dove grey dress at the thrift store I knew the time had come. After distilling down all the various ideas that were tumbling around in my head, I settled on using Moss Rock Preserve as our location. This is exactly the type of location that would be difficult to make use of on an actual wedding day, which makes it perfect for an adventurous elopement shoot! The day of the shoot my awesome husband helped me put together the florals we’d picked up from Trader Jo’s. By which I mean that he made the flower crown cause this girl is intimidated by them. (This is actually his second, if you’ve been following for a while you may recall that he ended up making my sister-in-law’s wedding day flower crown as well). I absolutely adore the colors we chose, the deep red and bright yellow highlight the end of summer well.

Dress and flowers in tow, I headed out to meet my awesome model couple. We had a bit of a weather scare, it was literally pouring twenty minutes before I arrived in Hoover to meet them, but thankfully we had lots of sunshine for the actual shoot. My amazing couple is really what made this shoot come to life. They’re actually a few weeks away from their real wedding, and brought that soon to be newlyweds excitement to these photos. Our evening was full of lots of laughing and a whole heap of love (and a little bit of them trying to make sure my pregnant self didn’t trip over rocks, thanks for that guys). I’m so very excited to finally be sharing these photos with yall, and I feel I should mention that it was very difficult to narrow it down to my favorites for this post.

And I just want to say again that whether you’re planning a big wedding, or a quiet elopement, I hope these photos inspire you to make sure your big day is beautifully documented.

Posted in Wedding on Sep 13, 2019