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End of the Year Thoughts for 2019

Jan 09, 2020

2019 was an interesting year for me. On the one hand it was rather quiet, as I spent a large portion of it dealing with sickness and exhaustion brought on by my pregnancy. But on the other hand, it was also a year of pushing our of my comfort zone (even if sometimes that just meant getting out of bed and putting on real pants for the day). One of the accomplishments I'm most proud of professionally is that I put together or participated in three styled shoots. The first, which took place in April and was a collaboration with my dear friend Emily, is definitely the professional project I'm most proud of from 2019. This was the first time I'd ever done styled shoots, and while it was certainly stressful at times, it was a blast and I would do it all over again (and definitely plan to). In addition to this first full blown styled shoot, I also fulfilled a long held wish to put together a small elopement shoot in August, and then in September I attended a shoot hosted by Alabama Eden. I loved stepping out of my comfort zone in these ways, and especially loved the opportunities to collaborate with other vendors. Of course in addition to these shoots I also had many wonderful sessions with both new and returning clients. Y'all are seriously awesome and I love working with you guys. Thank you for trusting me with your 2019 memories.

On a personal level I stepped out of my comfort zone by traveling to Charleston with some very dear friends for a girls trip, something that definitely would have paralyzed me with fear five years ago.I also officially started homeschooling my eldest last fall, a step I have both looked forward to and dreaded. In addition to all of this and many other adventures, I also experienced my most confident pregnancy yet. Not only mentally, but in the area of body positivity as well. With my previous two pregnancies, but the second in particular, I definitely did not have the best body image of myself. I remember after I gave birth to my precious middle son being really bothered for a long time that the most recent photos I had of myself were maternity photos. This time around, I not only felt more confident while pregnant but actually took headshots/content photos well pregnant that I can see myself still using not pregnant. This confidence carried over in to a few particular things about how I handled the medical care I received as well, most importantly taking charge of my delivery and requesting an induction at 39 weeks. The end of my year has of course been marked by the birth of my youngest son. It’s been a special time as we’ve bonded with him and learned to be a family of five, but I’m also looking forward to setting goals for 2020 and working hard to meet them.

To celebrate the end of another year, I’m sharing some favorite photos of myself from throughout the year, some of which are never before seen, as well as some select favorites of our hospital photos from baby A’s arrival.

Huge shout out to Emily Rose Photography, for not only being my partner in crazy ideas, but also for taking these gorgeous photos!

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