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N Senior Photos | Backyard Session | April, 15, 2021

Sep 08, 2021

My baby brother, Nathan, graduated high school this spring. It was a little anticlimactic, he didn't walk, there wasn't as much extra recognition for the class of 2021 as we saw for the class of 2020. But he preferred it that way. But still, we celebrated as we could as a family. And one special way I got to do that was take his senior photos! Now I would have done something much more spectacular, but he's seriously a no mess no frills guy. So we agreed for him to come over to my house one evening in April, a month before his official graduation date, and I did some photos in my yard.

A good portion of this session was us cutting up and me trying to make him laugh so I could get natural faces. The problem is that he, like my son, moves a lot when he really cracks up. (Speaking of my son, all three boys were dodging in and out of frame since we were at home. So extra challenge for mama lol.) It was a really fun session, and special to spend that afternoon with him. In the end we got some really great senior photos, mama was happy and Nathan was able to move on without to much more graduation fuss.

Posted in Graduates on Sep 08, 2021