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R Senior Photos | Henderson Beach | September 20, 2019

Oct 30, 2019

Y’all. I can hardly believe it, but my little sister is graduating high school in the spring! When we first started talking about her senior pictures, we tossed around several ideas before realizing that we would be on our annual beach trip right at the beginning of her senior year. We quickly seized this perfect opportunity and planned her session to have two parts, one at the beach about a month ago and the second to happen sometime closer to graduation when she has her cap and gown. Bex has always been the sibling who was down for anything when it came to photos, and over the years I’ve dragged her out for various school projects, experiments and just because I needed to take photos of someone. So when we got to the end of her beach session, I was pretty sure I knew what the answer would be if I asked her to sit in the surf. The results are absolutely amazing in my opinion, and some of my favorite photos from the whole session. I’m looking forward to the second part of her photos in the spring, but until then I’ll probably be in denial that she’s really graduating.

Posted in Graduates on Oct 30, 2019