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A Two Years Old | Backyard Session | November 11, 2021

Dec 09, 2021

Last month my youngest son turned two years old. I love this age, they're still figuring out the world and how it works and it's wonderful to watch. A is no different He's full of life and love. He's convinced he's one of the big kids and can do anything his brothers can. In fact during these photos he decided to try and give me a heart attack by barreling down the hill on his bike with no helmet. Thankfully we all survived. But one thing that's hard about two is photos. Most of the time A is all about the camera, he loves cheesing and if you look closely at a lot of our family photos he's the most on point of my children. But the day I needed to do his birthday photos he was not having it. I knew what I wanted to do and had to quickly change plans when my attempts were met with tears and clinging to me. This isn't uncommon with kids this age, and as a photographer I'm used to having to improvise. In fact if you book a session with me for littles I often suggest a park that has a playground so that if things go south we can fall back on playground photos. But for A, we were at home. So I skipped over the cute photos I'd planned with his Bluey and Bingo plushies, and I got out his bike. He rode around our cul de sac and I snapped away, trying my best to capture good light and angles and no tears. It worked. And in the end I was able to slip a couple shots with plushies in too. It wasn't the plan, but I have some beautiful photos of my baby just the same.

Posted in Lifestyle on Dec 09, 2021